Better Bookings + Tyro

Connect Better Bookings to Tyro to process customer payments on the spot!

Why connect Better Bookings to Tyro?


The Better Bookings + Tyro integration offers you a seamless and reliable solution for payment processing, allowing you to accept more payment types including contactless payments with 99.9% EFTPOS uptime! Once connected, your appointment information links directly to your integrated EFTPOS machine resulting in payments on the spot, faster transactions, fewer errors & a better customer experience.


Easy transactions

Process a payment in Better Bookings and it will automatically show up on your EFTPOS machine – allowing for fast & on the spot payments.


Reliable solution

With 99.9% EFTPOS uptime, 3G backup and dual live data centres, you can be confident that payments will run smoothly and no sales will be lost.


Reduce wait times

Lightning-fast speeds will allow you to take payments faster than ever, keeping queues short and resulting in a better customer experience.

For more information on setting up the Better Bookings + Tyro integration, please contact one of our friendly EFTPOS Integration Specialists here and read our full integration help article for details.

More about Better Bookings

Better Bookings is online scheduling software for small business. You can manage appointments, scheduling, clients and invoicing on a secure, central system. With everything you need at your fingertips you can streamline your business and provide a better experience for your clients.

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