Online invoicing & payments to keep your finances in check

Manage the back-end of you business and get the information you need to grow.

Online invoicing that you can customise with your logo

Create professional looking invoices or receipts for your customers. Add your business details and logo. When you process a payment, an invoice will automatically generate with their booking or appointment details, that you can then print or email for them. Easy!

Record payments with an intuitive retail point of sale screen

Record a payment (including cash, credit cards and PayPal) once your client’s booking is over with an intuitive point of sale pop-up screen. Here you can assign clients, add discounts and split payment methods. You can also add pictures or your products and merchandise, so they’re easy to find and provides a visual reminder to up-sell – very popular with our salon and spa clients!

Accounting integrations

Connect Better Bookings to Reckon accounting software to boost your financial management.

Generate 40+ financial reports in seconds

Better Bookings contains 40+ reports to monitor your business performance, so you can turn your business data into meaningful insights. View your income by appointment type, day or time or by team member. Identify lapsed clients and compare no shows vs attended appointments. Export your data to Excel for further analysis.

Keep organised with expense and budget tracker functionality

Petrol, parking and dry-cleaning – the list of potential deductions for your business is endless. Add, track and report on your expenses from anywhere, on any device, so you’re ready for tax time and have a digital record of important documents for compliance.

Real-time financial dashboard for easy cash flow management

Every time you make a booking or appointment the information flows into the finances section of Better Bookings, so you always have an up-to-date picture of your business performance, handy for cash flow management and saves you entering it twice!


Instant access. No credit card required.